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Lead Evaluator: Dr. Miguel A. Medina, Jr., Duke University

Phone: 1 - 919 - 660 - 5195
E-mail: miguel.medina@duke.edu

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Evaluation Documents

List of Documents Provided by UNESCO to the Evaluation Team:Members of the Evaluation Team.

Documents List: List.
Case Studies - Contacts: Contacts.

Public Access to the WWDR1: WWDR1. Public Access to the WWDR2: WWDR2.

Link to the UNESCO WWAP Web Site and other WWAP documents: UNESCO WWAP.

Case Study Countries for WWDR1 and WWDR2:

Inception Report: Inception Report.

Water: The Challenges, a WWAP Poster: Poster.

Preview of Questionnaire for the Evaluation of UNESCO's Contribution to WWAP: Preview of Questions.

Access to Automated Questionnaire: Survey.

Typical WWDR2 Indicators by Challenge Area
Challenge Area - Water ResourcesLocation in the WWDR2 (pdf version)
1 - PrecipitationTable 4.3 (pp. 132-136)
2 - Total actual renewable water resources (TARWR)Table 4.3
3 - TARWR per capitaTable 4.3
4 - Surface water (SW) as % of TARWRTable 4.3
5 - Ground water (GW) development indicatorTable 4.3
6 - Overlap (as % of TARWR)Table 4.3
7 - Inflow from other nations (as % of TARWR)Table 4.3
8 - Outflow to other nations (as % of TARWR)Table 4.3
9 - Total use (as % of TARWR)Table 4.3
Challenge Area - EcosystemsLocation in the WWDR2 (pdf version)
1 - Fragmentation and flow regulation of riversMap 5.3, Fig 5.4
2 - Dissolved nitrogen (NO3+NO2-N)Map 5.2
3 - Trends in freshwater habitat protectionFigure 5.7
4 - Freshwater species population trends indexFigure 5.2
5 - Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)Map 5.1

Trip Reports


Evaluation Regional Visit Report: France and Danube Reports.

The Danube River Basin:

Satellite Views of Algal Blooms in the Black Sea:

South America

Evaluation Regional Visit Report: La Plata, South America Report.

The La Plata River Basin:

Satellite View of La Plata River Discharge to the Atlantic Ocean:

African Regional Water Resources Information System: ARWR.

African Water Development Report Online: AWDR.

African Water Development Report, 2006 Full Report: AWDR.

African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW), 2005-2007 Work Programme: AMCOW.

Southern Africa

Middle East - North Africa


Evaluation Regional Visit Report: China and Mongolia Reports.

Evaluation Regional Visit Report: Sri Lanka Report.

Evaluation Regional Visit Report: Japan Report.

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