The Stormwater Modeling and Management Project

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Pratt School of Engineering

Investigator: Dr. Miguel A. Medina, Jr.
Assistant: Mr. Drew Haerer

Sponsor: Facilities Management Department

FMD Assistant Director: Mr. John Noonan

FMD Director of Engineering and Utilities: Mr. Russell Thompson

FMD Director of Energy: Mr. Steve Palumbo

Consultants: Eco Engineering - A Division of The John R. McAdams Company, Inc.

Contacts: D. Amos Clark, James Caldwell, and Dan Potter

Regulatory Agency: City of Durham, NC

City Stormwater Services Division Contact: Mr. Paul Wiebke

Phone: (919) 660 - 5195

A DRAFT stormwater management plan was in March 2004.
View Draft Stormwater Management Plan: Plan. March 2004 

Link to Computer Models, Updates and Data Downloading Page: Downloading,Updates.


Rainfall Analysis - RDU and West Campus

Drainage Basin Discretization

Duke West Campus Stormwater Simulation Project Nodemap.

Flow Measurement and Calibration

Weir 1, Conduit 210 near Node 345, West Campus:

Stage-Discharge Equations for Weir 1:


Detention and Storage Modeling

Sarah P. Duke Gardens Detention Pond


Relevant Links: Link to U.S. EPA Best Management Practices: BMPs. Link to North Carolina Stormwater Management Regulations: State. Link to City of Durham Stormwater Services Division: SWSD. Link to Duke University Facilities Management Department: FMD. Link to Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering: CEE. Link to Duke University Wetland Center: Wetland. Link to Eco Engineering: Eco/McAdams.

This project is mathematically integrated with the restored/constructed wetland downstream, an urban BMP. A model of these flow and mass transport fluxes and interactions, WETSAND, has been developed:


Publications related to modeling urban hydrology, surface runoff, ground water and surface/subsurface interactions.
Urban_Surface Water. Surface_Subsurface.
The figure below shows both flooded areas and well locations.